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(This stuff was last updated April 7, 2001--> Put up an terrific interview that long-time friend Dan Maser did with Mark for the December 2000 issue of Banjo Newsletter. Recently added a great email reviewing the "new" band lineup -- from an old hand at the band's music, but FIRST SHOW LIVE! Also, corrected a broken link to Matt Kline's photos.)

Dan Maser's interview with Mark for the December 2000 Banjo Newsletter. Super insights into what the boyz are trying to do in the music world...

Check out Leftover's Official Site for the latest on their tour schedule! -- the FESTIVAAAL season is ALWAYS in full swing!   You'll also find instructions for joining the leftover salmon discussion list there too!


For the rest of this "mess" I apologize in advance. It's just grown like topsy, and now there's hardly any organization at all. Think of it as an Easter Egg hunt! There's all kinds of stuff about the band and its fans here -- just keep pokin' and proddin' and lookin' behind the bushes 'til you find some things you like! In addition to the phan photos scattered throughout, there is a list of all (well, ALMOST all) the songs they play, the words for many of them, a link to the tape tree site, a list of all the shows they've played since the early dayz, a Leftover Salmon FAQ, a link to the site that holds the leftover discussion list archives, fan reviews, reviews, reviews, and MORE reviews, some comments from their fans on years of shows, our favorite "Newbie" stories, and even a bit of nonsense and MORE Nonsense -- if there were no nonsense, it wouldn't be leftover salmon, right? This ought to give you a start on exploring things. Enjoy! And let us know if there's something you'd like to share (or see shared) here.

FIRST SHOW LIVE! An old fan of the band, Jay Czar, FINALLY sees his first live show! GREAT comments -- a MUST read! Click here to see his kind words. Be sure to check out his Web site at chalkdusttorture.com to listen to his Internet Radio Station!

GREAT shotz of the "new" band! at the Rialto in Tucson on February 8, 2001 -- and read some great words too about how much we fanz are enjoying the new soundz! Check out Darren's digital photos at his web site! Also, see Brian Hormann's huMONGous collection of photos from the Cajun House show the following night in Scottsdale. Just click here! Be sure to thank them both for helping us preserve this part of Salmon history!

MORE LoS photos! Check out Phil Harris' great shots of the boyz at 328 Performance Hall in Nashville on October 5, 2000. Johnny Cowan and Sammy Bush were special guests that night. Also, Matt Adkins' has added more LoS photos at his site -- it now includes their October 8, 2000, show at the Mayo Island Music Festival, Mayo Island, Richmond, VA,, as well as their June 23, 2000 show at the Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash, Sunshine Daydream, Terra Alta, WV, and their May 3, 2000, show at TRAX, Charlottesville, VA. Keep 'em coming, Matt!!!!

Two guys -- ONE Banjo! Nicole Cogley sent us a great shot of Tony Trischka and Mark Vann playing the same banjo -- at the same time and one of her and a friend with Vince! These photos are from the 2000 High Sierra Festival Click here to check them out! Thanx Nicole!

New Leftover Site! Dixie Beer & Crawdads Don has launched a new fan site for the boys -- the focus is his AMAZING collection of "Vinceisms," some of the amusing, clever and almost always incomprehensible sayings of the one, the only, Vince Herman and a bunch of other Leftover stuff besides! Check it out here! Thanx Don!

Bill Kropf sent us some AWESOME photos from the LoS set at the Old Settler's Music Fest near Austin, TX on 4-7-00. Click here and take a look. These are GREAT Bill! Got any more??? Drop him a line at <trestone@pldi.net> to thank him for his kindness!

Dixie Beer & Crawdads Don reports in from the April 29, 2000, show at Tipitina's inNew Orleans!Check out his latest photos of the Leftover Boyz here! Drop him a line at <Vinceisms@aol.com> to tell him what you think of his photos AND his "costume" at the sunrise "service!"

Hey, we finally heard from Eric-late-of-Yellowpine, longtime photographer of things Leftover and erstwhile movie producer/director/cameraman! He sent us a shot of Leftover's acoustic set from NYE at the Fillmore12/99 plus what "appears" to be the Hokey-Pokey through the streets of D-town just before the Gestapo arrived! Check 'em out here! Drop him a line at <filmcartel@earthlink.net> to wish him well and tell him what you think!

[Spring 2000] Hey, the new Leftover Salmon album, The Nashville Sessions, is getting some SERIOUS airplay these days. Starting in late October at #19, it's still in the top 20 on Gavin's Americana chart after three months. Just before Christmas it was at #10 (with MORE spins and reports every week) and peaked at #4 (with some stiff competition for the top spot from folks like Alan Jackson, John Prine,and Dolly Parton!).

Chords for The Nashville Sessions! Mike Mazzie was kind enough to send us lyrics and chords for two tunes from the album: Troubled Times and Midnight Blues. Click here to enjoy! THANKS MIKE!

Lots of us got a chance to enjoy the Bad Livers when they opened for LOS on the last tour of '99. If you want to know more about the guys who play old time/bluegrass/etc. with a banjo (cool) and a TUBA (great!), check out the band's new site and the site for the banjer picker hisself, Danny Barnes.

Here're the latest photos from Leftover Fanz:,

(As always, use your "back" button to come back here.)

Here's a link to a great interview LoSer Michael Springston did with Drew back in November -- REALLY captures the leftover spirit. It's at http://ns.egyptian.net/~leftypen/drew.htm! Email Michael at <leftypen@ns.egyptian.net>.

The Nashville Sessions: some COOL reviews.

Here's some more of what their fans had to say about the new album...

Here're some GREAT PHOTOS! of their show November 10 (or so), 1999, at the Fitzgerald Theatre, St. Paul, Minnesota. Our thanks to Mitch Kline for taking them and sharing them with us! Click HERE to see them! Hopefully they'll stay there for a while!

Click on the following to read what their fans said about some of the summer and fall 1999 shows:

LoSer Sara, <HyHu@aol.com>, sent us this photo from the Rechter Theater show in Baltimore, May 6, 1999. Wow! Sorry I missed THAT one!

Los 'n chicks at the Rechter!

And here's a link to LoSer Bert Newton's photos of the boyz -- new shots from the Lake of the Woodstock Festival on May 5, 1999. Click here to see twirlerz' photos! Thanks Bert!

Now HERE's what Christina, GottaBoogie2 <chrisran@mwci.net>, had to say about THAT wild night... (BTW, the boyz had a great time that night as well!)

5-29-99 Lake of the Woodstock Festival
Mahomet, Illinois

After arriving at 11 am and having a really refreshing hose shower, i
set to baking as i wandered the campground and vending areas of the lake
of the woodstock festival.  it was a great setting out in the woods with
a lot of freaks in tents all camping around a little fishy pond.  the
camping area was situated so you could enjoy the many bands at your tent
or in the main stage area.  bands started at noon and salmon was on the
slate for 2 sets starting at 10 pm.  security was present but pretty
cool.  things tightened up as Salmon arrived in the area.

The guys asked the fish for a while before taking the stage at the
outdoor fest.  the stage was spectacular and trippy, with flashing
lights behind the guys and all sorts of spots and effect lighting.  the
energy was high as they came onstage

set 1
Rabbit in  a Log
Up On the Hill Boogie
Just Befor the Evening
Ain't Gonna Work
Dance on your Head
Valley of the Full Moon - there was a great big moon out
Five Alive - called "high 5" by Vince
Goin' down the Road friends of mine
This is the Time
Get Me Outta This City
Zombie Jamboree   :58

set 2
River's Risin'
Tiki Torches
420 Polka
Junco Partner
Tore Up
Rocky Road Blues->
Mark Banjo Jam->     awesome
Nobody's Business->
I Drink->
Rocky Road Blues
Fairies Wear Boots->  -  with a fairy dancing about onstage! complete
with wings
Thankful for the Fairies
Green Thing - all the lights out, 3 glowy stick dancers come out onto
stage and get wild n twisty dancing about trippy as ALL hell!!
Goin Over the Waterfall
The Other Side
Cheese Frog->
Little Mary Kindbud->
-    ->
Cumberland Blues Tease->
Hotel CA
The Worm->  "get down and feeeeeel the dirt!!!  legs in the air!!!"
Tye/Drew Funky Jam->  seems like tye's been turned up lately.  i LIKE
Rocky Top->

E: Euphoria
Hey Joe
Wake N Bake   1:37

Vince said they had to go and get offstage but they'd be pickin in the
campground all  night and he was serious.  Tye fixed up Vince and
Vince's guitar to glow and drew grabbed a halo and they hit the
campground, even crawling into the tents of some very surprised but
always friendly campers.  they sang some traditional grass tunes and
vince made up alot of weird babbled stuff on the fly.  a crowd of 30-50
followed them about the grounds and didnt really disperse completly
until about 5 am!!

what a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For an early peek at the new Salmon album (since released), read what Eric-of-Yellowpine had to say on the leftover list by clicking here. I've just heard some of the later mixes too, and the Masters are really at work on this one -- not a surprise, since Salmon is often at its best with their many friends, both old and new! John Cowan "lights up the room" when he joins in with Drew -- just as Sam B. does when he draws his bow, Bela, well, he's "right on" as always -- what a great sound, the McCourys are straight ahead and marvelous, Jerry Douglas is simply perfect on the dobro, and Waylon, well, words fail me -- he and Vince are just having a wonderful time -- we need to hear MORE of THIS pair! As before, Sally Van Meter is superb. Popper and "Big Head" Todd sound like they've always been a part of the band -- perfect blending. And Taj Mahal... And Taj Mahal... And Taj Mahal... Truly, THIS combination just HAS to be heard to be believed. We MUST have MORE! And guess what -- THIS ain't ALL, folks!

Don de Leaumont (Dixie Beer and Crawdads Don) emailed us some great Leftover Salmon photos from the some of their Southeast US shows from 1997, 1998, and 1999. Check 'em out by clicking here! (Use your "back" button to get back to THIS page.)

Winter 98-99 comments on Salmon shows from their fans!  Click here to read the some comments from December '98 through February '99 from deadheads, phisheads, and LoSers!

A New Setlist Site has been set up -- thanks Patrick Chase!

Click here to visit it. Thanks to everybody who is contributing material for this! (Oh yes, don't bother asking the band for setlists. Although they religiously make one up before each show, they tend to play off the energy of the crowd once things get going. They have been known to add or subtract at will, to say the least. Sound Man, Steve Smith says he thinks that maybe they've stuck exactly to a set list 5 or 6 times in the years he's been with them! Even doing 75% of one is rare.) Thanks also to Jason Schwartz for keeping it all going so far!

MORE New pitchers! Christina Ciesiel sent us some EXCELLENT photos of LoS on stage at the Aragon on NYE. DO check them out... Check 'em out here and let her know what you think! (Use your "back" button to get back to THIS page.)

New pitchers! NEW PITCHERS! Eric Abramson just sent us some new photos: one from TBGF in '96 and one from the BT-Salmon NYE show in Chicagoland! Check 'em out here and enjoy! (As always, use your "back" button to get back to THIS page.) Thanks Eric! For those who missed the show (everybody minus the 4,000 who were there), Christina Ciesiel's marvellous review has been included! Thanks Christina!

For a Happy-New-Year gift LoSer Bert has sent us some new Leftover Salmon photos -- from the September 30, 1998, Theater of the Living Arts perfomance in Philadelphia, PA. ALERT! ALERT! Check 'em out by clicking here! (Use your "back" button to get back to THIS page.)

Melanie sent us some great Salmon photos from the Variety theater in Hotlanta, February 16, 1997, as well as, from the R.O.A.M Festival a couple of years back. Check 'em out by clicking here! The link to the R.O.A.M. pics are at the bottom of the Atlanta page. (Use your "back" button to get back to THIS page.)

MERLEFEST '98 Pictorial REVIEW!!

Fire on the Banjo! Mark and his Red-Hot Deering Crossfire at Merlefest '98 -- the closing set at the Hillside Stage:

Red-Hot Deering...

Click here to check out the rest! (Use your "back" button to get back here.)

Also check out Heather Coburn-Herring's Web page which has some really excellent photos from Merlefest '98. There's a couple of Drew, Sam Bush, Chris Thile, etc. Click here to see 'em.

And here's another super phototreat -- from LoSer Steve Mang of Raleigh, NC. Click here ASAP, these are GORGEOUS!

Yeah, BOY!  Got some NEW photos of the band (and some old ones, too) -- Merlefest '96 (with the Mayor McC), Warrenton '96 (even got WHITNEY!), and some pictures of the guys & Bridgette relaxin' in VA before the Birchmere show back in '95. Also, Eric Abramson just sent us some more new ones taken at the Fox shows just before the the band left on their Spring Tour of the east and all. ENJOY!!!

Oh YEAH, don't miss links to LOTS MORE LoS photos farther on down THIS page!

A Permanent Tape Tree Site!

From LoSer Daniel Ritchey:

Hi folks,

The Leftover Salmon Permanent Tree now has a webpage, which is 
dedicated to the proliferation of high-quality live Leftover Salmon performances.
A very basic web page, but it has the structure, current round setlist and 
show information, and a place for future plans.  Suggestions are welcome!

If you are not in the Tree, and are *positively* willing to commit to being
in the tree for a while, email me for info and to sign up.  I'll try to get
signup info and maybe a form on the website sometime soon if I have time.  

The address of the site is www.simplecom.net/dritchey/permatree.html  
Our thanks to Daniel!
COOL REVIEW! Check out LoSer Scott Holcomb's review of Leftover Salmon's show at The Flood Zone in Richmond, VA, on August 13, 1997. A very special tale from Scott's Web site!
NEWS FLASH--February 1, 1998!  LoSer Chris McCarn of wine country CA sent in some fotos of the fabulous five at their January 31 gig in greater downtown Petaluma just last night. Check 'em out by clickin' here!


GAVIN REPORT names Leftover Salmon as Artists to Watch for a Breakout in 1998!


This year's Americana entree for breakout is Leftover Salmon, the Boulder, Colorado-based outfit that has taken its style of "bluegrass gone mad" to another level with the release of Euphoria on Mountain Division/Hollywood Records.

After years of touring in their school bus, Leftover Salmon's has built a following that continues to grow, and the band is currently part of the H.O.R.D.E. tour, and, in fact, is the only act to perform at every stop, along with headliner Neil Young. Their on-stage party antics and music are a perfect fit for the traveling festival.

Americana radio's response to Euphoria has been as euphoric as the rhythms laid down on the disc. Reaction, especially in the Southeast has been over the top, leading to some impressive SoundScan numbers in markets like Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, and Tampa.

Leftover Salmon's popularity is set to spawn.

YES!! You can read the entire article at GAVIN's Web site.

The Fall/Winter 1997 issue of Dupree's Diamond News had to following to say about say about Leftover Salmon!

"Leftover Salmon is to cajun/calypso/bluegrass music what the Grateful Dead were to rock. This white-hot quintet stretches the envelope of the multiple musical genres they cover *waay* open with long jams, high tempo, stick-in-yer-head melodies, and sweet bluegrass singing. They are certainly one of the hottest bands touring today. The recent addition of master groove rock drummer Jeff "Apt. Q-258" Sipe will surely inspire this group to even higher heights."

About the 1997 H.O.R.D.E. tour:

"...appearing for the entire tour were Leftover Salmon, with its pulse-elevating, spaz-grass. These guys often seemed a little on the schizoid side, moving from mellow cajun swing to rollicking and unstoppable, atomic mountain-top wailing. In their alloted twenty-five minutes, the unreal mandolin strumming and yodeling of Drew Emmitt and the maddeningly precise electric banjo from Mark Vann appeared to lift the stage from the ground and send it spinning off into the atmosphere. Added to that was the intensity of a rightly placed new drummer, Apt. Q-258 (formerly of Hellborg, Lane, and Sipe; and Aquarium Rescue Unit), and you were left with a lot more that just stale fish."

Then, in "Reflections on the High Sierra Music Festival & Oregon Country Fair" publisher/editor Johnny Dwork comments on Michael Sammet's suggestion that the Zen Tricksters performance might have been the best musical moment of the (HS) fest -- certainly the heaviest:

"J: The heaviest, yes, but the best had to be when wonderful Eugene folk singer Jim Page joined the main-stage outdoor closer Leftover Salmon on Sunday night. Leftover was already way into a perfect cajun/calypso/bluegrass wet dream set, which had the entire audience in a delirious state of bliss and THEN Jim comes out to improvise with them. He strums a few chords to get them started and then they build the melody up. Jim starts to improvise lyrics about how wonderful a blessing it is to be at the High Sierra music fest; he's singing about every great thing that happens at the festival: the music, the friends, the beautiful setting, the perfect vibe, and everyone in the crowd gets tears in our eyes, just realizing how truly lucky we are to be at such a wonderful gathering. And all of Leftover is grinning ear-to-ear. It was as sweet and sincere a musical moment as I've witnessed in the last decade.

later in the article Michael says:

M: ...As usual, however, for Saturday night at High Sierra, the peak was Leftover Salmon's late night jamfest in the tent. Ten other musicians joined in at times mixing Salmon originals with Jackson Brown, Allman Bros., and Stones covers. It wasn't as legendary as Salmon's Saturday night jam last year with Sam Bush, but another tremendous showing solidifying their growing popularity and evolution with the new album, Euphoria. In addition, their Oregon Country Fair stealth gig the following week, when they ditched the Horde to warm up the Midnight circus crowd with a quick set, won me over completely.

then after more on what happened on Sunday, Michael and Johnny go on to say:

M: And all this led up to that great Leftover Salmon set with Jim Page.

J: I've seen 1500-plus concerts in my life and that moment was as wonderful a band/audience connection as I've ever witnessed..."


The August '97 issue of Guitar World had the following to say about the band, in part:

"If the Seapods are an engine, Leftover Salmon is a shredder. The band was formed in 1990 when Drew Emmitt's Left Hand String Band, a progressive bluegrass combo, joined Vince Herman's Cajun/zydeco group, the Salmon Heads. The resulting quintet plays what they call 'polyethnic cajun slamgrass,' with a schizophrenic knack for sounding like a different band every night of the week. 'Some nights,' says Emmitt, 'I'll barely pick up my guitar and play mostly mandolin and fiddle. Other nights I'll play a lot of guitar. We can be a Cajun band, a zydeco band, a full-on bluegrass band, a loud blues-rock band, or a calypso band.'"

Check out the rest of GW's comments on Leftover in that issue when you get a chance...


Now, it's ON TO MORE Leftover Salmon Fan Photos -- some of the best you'll see ANYWHERE!!

Due to overwhelming response and many suggestions (actually, nearly one) from fellow Salmonytes and LoSers surfing the rivers, falls, dams, and fish ladders of the Internet with sloooow modems, the fan photos have been moved to their own page.

Click here to see them in all their previous Salmon glory! Be sure to use your browser's "back" button to come back here after looking at them.

While you're there, don't miss the photos from the Red Rocks show in May '96, the High Sierra Music Festival, and the shots from the studio while "Euphoria" was being made! The latest ones are some great B&W shots from 1997. (BTW, if you'd like to see YOUR pictures of the Leftover Lads posted here for the world of LoSers to admire, SEND 'em IN!)

Don't miss these!!! Check out LoSer Chris McCarn's psychedelic photos of Leftover Salmon under the Big Top, July 5/6, at the High Sierra Music Festival in 1997. Click here to see them and a lot of other great images from the festival -- with more coming...

Also, check out Brandon Barber's photo of "the boys" on the stage at Telluride by clicking here

And then, visit Jason Schwartz's growing photo gallery of Leftover Salmon live by clicking here. Jason has some neat photos of other bands as well.

Next, check out Terry Lynch's excellent photos of the boys. (Clicking on these links will load the photos into your JPEG helper app. You can save 'em from there if you like...) There are two at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR in 1997: Crystal Ballroom #1 and Crystal Ballroom #2 and two more at the Meadows in Portland in 1997: Meadows #1 and Meadows #2. Terry has some gorgeous photos of other bands, including SCI as well, at http://www.oz.net/~akimbo.

The O-fish-al site -- Oh yes, just in case you landed here before finding the band's official site, give a click here when you're finished exploring these goodies to find out more about the band and to get instructions on signing up for the "leftover list," where their VERY friendly fans talk about them and exchange info on other things of interest to like-minded folk.

ALSO, check out the recently updated Leftover Salmon pages at Hollywood Records by clicking here. They have now made available 30-second sound bites of each of the songs from their Euphoria CD! Pretty cool!

Interviews. INTERVIEWS! Our thanks to Toni Brown, publisher of Relix (and BIG Leftover Salmon fan), and Sheryl Hunter for making a super interview with "da boyz" the lead article in the October 1997 issue of Relix, pp. 10-11. Great photo, too! (Exactly WHAAT is Tye holding in his right hand???) Also, check out the kind words about their ZanyAntics at the 1997 Telluride Bluegrass Fest in the review in the same issue (pp. 29-30). While you're there, don't miss MORE kind words about their 80-minute opening set for Blues Traveler at Red Rocks earlier in the year (p. 35). You can see the photo and read another super interview on the 328 Performance Hall (Nashville) Web site by clicking here.

FLASH -- Leftover Salmon in the MOVIES (at least their MUSIC is) It's in Warren Miller's film, Snowriders2 -- the Journey Continues (Euphoria, Better, and Highway Song). More is reported in another snowboader film called TB6. (Our thanks to LoSers Conner Brown and Mike Casper for pointing these out to us.)

Precise, Concise Definition of PolyEthnicCajunSlamGrass

No such animal. One thing's for SURE. These guys have NO respect for ANY kind of music whatsoever. No music is safe from their parodies and general goofiness. Bluegrass, old time fiddle tunes, cajun, and calypso are EASY prey. So are blues and polkas. I mean, where ELSE can you hear a mandolin sound like a steel drum (close your eyes and you'd swear you were in the islands!)? Where else can you hear one played with a bottle slide? Into a fuzz box that makes it sound like Eric Clapton's guitar? Or a fiddle that's as sweet as any you'll hear anywhere? OR an electric 5-string banjo that's built from a tree stump and played like a rock guitar? OR like a New Orleans 4-string? OR one with a REAL banjo head* played with Pete Seeger's clawhammer style? OR bluegrass style with a velocity Earl Scruggs would envy (and has been called by fans, "Bela Fleck on Speed"). Where else can you hear a lead singer sing different words to EVERY song, EVERY night -- dancing bare-footed to his own musical antics -- then ripping out a guitar solo to challenge Tony Rice? Then, of course, there's the waterphone (designed and built by THE Richard Waters of Hawaii) and a squeaky rubber fish (which must have JUST the right "sustain!"). ...both played through an echo box to produce a sound that will remind you of whales off the coast. AND all this within the space of a 3- to 4-hour show that you can be assured will be like no other.
* No Virginia, a banjo head is NOT someone who follows the Grateful Banjo!

They can jam with ANYBODY -- and it's not uncommon to see them doing this with their opening bands, especially with ones like moe. and Hypnotic Clambake -- from hard rockers to klezmer types. Can they be serious? Sure, witness Drew's wonderful originals -- Bridge, Highway Song, River's Risin', and MANY others. But just as soon as you think you've got them all figured out -- pegged in a genre, they'll break out in a different direction -- something you've never heard them do before (and chances are, neither have they!)

What's the ONE thing that all this has in common? It makes you want to dance your fanny off! Don't plan on sitting to watch and listen to these guys -- you've got to be on your feet and dancing. Trust us -- YOU will collapse from exhaustion LONG before the band is through with you!

Guess you just gotta be there! Who knows, you may just be treated with jams with their musical friends and guests (sometimes from the audience!) like Mike Gordon of Phish in the summer of '95 (at the Metronome in Burlington, VT), Dave Grisman (at the Fillmore in the Spring of '96) or John Medeski of MMW (on the '96 H.O.R.D.E.tour) or Ricky Scaggs (at Wolf Trap in the fall of '96) or Michelle Shocked (at their own R.O.A.M. Festival in western NC in '96) or Tony Trischka (Bela's early banjo teacher, at the Wetlands in early '97) or banjo wizard Tony Furtado or members of the ground-breaking New Grass Revival like Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, and John Cowan at various shows and festivals around the country or keyboardist Pete Sears (keyboardist of the Jefferson Starship, among his many musical exploits) who's joined them on several west coast tours. You might also catch them jamming with the Morphine team or John Popper of Blues Traveler fame (they've opened for BT many times -- the latest being their '98 NYE show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago -- the night before the BIG BLIZZARD!) or Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Fiji Mariners or Neil Young (sans Crazy Horse) on the '97 H.O.R.D.E. tour. Then there was Vince Wernick (last keyboardist with the Grateful Dead), Paul McCandless (flautist god!), and Darol Anger (fiddler extraordinaire...) at their '97 New Year's Eve show in San Francisco. On the other hand you might also get lucky enough to see their long-time friend from the early Magraw Gap, Dr. John Flower (Professor of Things Chinese who can teach a course in the complete history of 10,000 years of 3/4 of the world's population in just three weeks), do the intro to "Ask the Fish" with a honest-to-goodness Chinese CHANT (like at Be Here Now in Asheville, NC, in early '97)! Guess you just gotta be there!

Speaking of incredible Leftover Salmon jams (often with surprise guests), LoSer Charlie Dirksen treated the leftover list with this review of Leftover's Fillmore show on April 5, 1997, with Pete Sears on keys and surprise guest, wind-instrument master Paul McCandless of Oregon and frequent Bela Fleck guest. In case you can't tell, I think Charlie liked the show!

Another "side" of Salmon? At the Tucson show in April 1997 LoSer Jan Trumbo got a chance to meet and get to know the band in a way most folks don't. Jan's very insightful observations are here for you to enjoy. Just click here.

Your Mileage May Vary!

So, what's the Best Way to define how great Leftover Salmon's live shows are? Simple, it's how far one is worth driving for! The LoSer (see below for definition) Book of Records shows that the longest one-way drives just to see Salmon shows are claimed by:

GRAND PRIZE -- for the distance AND the great story!!

Laura Killian <toadlily@olywa.net>

I finally figured out the mileage from our trip to see Salmon (and everybody else) at the High Sierra Fest in July. 1850 miles to get there, and 1700 to get back. Roughly six days each way. We didn't stick to I-5, obviously. That would've saved us 350 miles, but -- via the magic of summer highway construction -- would have taken about two days longer.

We went from Olympia to Bear Valley via Lake Tahoe. In other words,

Olympia to Diamond Lake to Lava Beds National Monument to Susanville, CA (bleak, sunny, hospitable; home of the Motel California)

to Reno (sunny little college town with an intergalactic gambling vortex pasted onto one edge) (we just wanted a rest; the bike cop told us the way to a park; they were holding a city picnic there, so while we scruffy sunburned hippies sat with the cop's wife munching free hot dogs, watching Stomp play, Killian (Laura's son) danced with the mayor)

to Carson City (home of boarded-up casinos and one hell of an Italian restaurant)

to Washoe Lake, NV (incredible bird-watching; altitude sickness is SUCH a drag, but if you're going to be lying in gravel gasping for breath, do it while watching kestrels learn to fly)

to Grover Hot Springs State Park, CA (normally it's Hell's Angels turf, but they were all at Sturgis that weekend)

to Bear Valley (the AAA map didn't mention that the road was ONE LANE WIDE and fractally curvy for the last 45 miles; we convoyed over the 8900-foot pass behind the Ekoostik Hookah crew's U-Haul, and picked up a hitchhiker who ended up part of the family).

It amazes me how much of America is still left. You can go for DAYS without seeing a McDonald's. Towns are clean. People are NICE. If you ask them interesting questions ("what kind of tree is that?" and "where's a playground?" work shockingly well), even the ones in the tourist towns sit down to talk.

Better send this before I start REALLY rambling... Caffeine is a dangerous drug. (Record claimed September 23, 1997)

First Prizes: (over 1,000 miles)

Jonas Beals <oakley@fls.infi.net> "Fredericksburg, VA, to Boulder, CO, 25 hours one-way, and on the return trip, a friend and I went straight through, non-pasta aided!" (record claimed March 28, 1997)

Eric Peter Abramson <epa@yellowpine.com> with "my motorcycle trip to Merle Fest last year: Nederland, CO, to Wilkesboro, NC, 28 hours with one roadside four hour nap" (record claimed April 4, 1997) Both of these trips are over 1,200 miles!

Zachary Ethan Roberts <zaq@leland.Stanford.EDU> (who went a heckuva long distance -- at least 1,000 miles and probably more -- while combining purposes in some weird and wonderful way)-- in spite of saying "(I'm) not really interested in the fame and recognition and massive media coverage that will surely result in the award..." His story... "in march of 1995 me and two buddies drove over 1300 miles from SanFran to Boulder in a 24 hour rally on the first night of Spring Break to catch a LoS show at the Fox. ...our real destination for that break was Joshua Tree Park down in Southern Cal, and being crazy youngsters we decided it would be well worth going to Boulder to see LoS because...well, because it was Salmon! (we were right, too)...as for exact distance, i can't verify completely because we just kept a total (3,400 in nine days) but seem to remember that it took us around 1200-1300 miles to get to the show,, taking 80 north from SF to Reno to Salt Lake to Cheyenne and then 25 down to Denver and then backtracking to Boulder....all in good clean fun!" FWIW, it's only 300 miles DIRECT from SF to Joshua Tree, so Zachary went a LONG way out of his way! Jeez! (record claimed April 6, 1997)

Rick Zeek -- submitted by his roommate, Andrea Gaiteri <agaiteri@mri-computing.com> Rick traveled 1300 miles from Santa Fe, NM, to R.O.A.M. Andrea srites: "My roommate, Rick Zeek, asked me to make this submission to the Mileage Contest for him. We are both enormously faithful fans of the band; however, Rick's fanaticism is not to be believed. We live in PA-- he spends each summer out West-- Oregon Country Fair, High Sierra Fest, etc. This year he drove from Northeast PA to the Oregon Country Fair. What do you know-- Salmon played at the Fair this year. Okay. That unscheduled appearance was incidental, so we can't count it. (It was probably a stealth appearance anyway! (;^)) However, he did travel from Sante Fe, NM to the R.O.A.M. festival-- straight thru, with great concentration, focusing only on the goal of a true Salmon Fest. He was not disappointed. Also, consider that we regularly drive from Northeast PA to see Salmon everywhere-- most recently SUNY Binghamton last week-- what a show, but also Asheville, NC, the Merlefest in Wilkesboro, NC, New Jersey, New York, State College, PA, and Philly." (Record claimed October 30, 1997)

More Prizes:

Brian Catri <BCatri@aol.com> "my brother-in-law, Herky McQueeney, and I traveled to ROAM last Aug. We left my house in NJ and traveled over 700 miles (13 hours) to Round Mountain. But he started his travels to my house from his house in Conn, a distance of 165 miles (another 3 hours), and I will tell you this -- I would travel twice the distance to the second anual ROAM festival! What a great time." (record claimed April 4, 1997)

Conor Brown <CWB@msu.oscs.montana.edu> "I myself drove 11 hours to see them play in Breckenridge, CO in -2 degree weather. Boy was that a trip." (record claimed January 31, 1997)

Anybody else know of some long driving trips like these??

Although he's not a LoSer (or, at least, he's not KNOWN to be one), Eric Conko <ec@en.com> told the phish-net folks about his interesting rating system for bands -- how far he's willing to drive, one way, to see them. On 28 Mar 1997, he said, "I allow three shows before I decide on the radius I am willing to drive to see a show. Phish, Dead, JGB, MMW, Michael Ray, Leftover Salmon, and George Clinton all have a 600-1000 mile radius. Depending on timing, I will drive that distance to see any one of these bands." That seems consistent with Jonas', Eric's, Zachary's, Brian's, and Conor's opinions (above), as well. Later in his post Eric C. added, "If it helps with my opinion, I have also rated Hookah, Widespread, and Rusted Root with 30 mile radius," possibly blowing his credibility with some LoSers, but, hey, tastes, like mileages, vary too. The rating system is still an interesting one...

Of Course, If You're a "Bettin' Man"...

Here's another favorite way to tell. How many of your BEST FRIENDS would you take to a show to see them for the first time? Hint, a VERY common answer to this question is ALL. Perhaps, even MORE interesting is LoSer Jason Weldon <JWeldon@harbinger.com>'s method -- a money-back guarantee! Here's Jason's story...

"I think word of mouth has alot to do with the rise in LoS' popularity. Let me offer my first Salmon experience for example. I think it was around Fall 94. I was at school in Athens, GA & my brother was in school in Charleston, SC. I was going to see ARU on Friday night. My brother calls me Friday morning and says that he saw Col. Bruce the night before & had a great time. But, he said the real reason he was calling was tell me, no he ordered me, to make sure I got there to the opening band. "I've never seen anything like them before. I can't describe it. All I can say is they have a banjo, a mandolin, & a washboard and they sing Fire on the Mountain, but it's about pasta. You MUST see them." He guaranteed me a great time.

I must say he was right on!! A friend & I got there early and were 2 of about 15 people that got to see THE opening band. Then members of Aquarium Rescue Unit came out with them. Then during ARU's set Drew & Mark came out & got everyone, even the Colonel, playing behind their head. It was definitely a sight.

Since then, I have made that same promise my brother made to me to many, many people. I guarantee a great time or your money back out of my pocket. I have never once had to pay up.

Usually, people are willing to pay ME for introducing them to this festival.

I think tapes also get the music in people's hands. But, such solid conviction and a guarantee get people really interested. 'It's gotta be good if he feels so strongly about it.' Try it, it works"

EUPHORIA!! U4ria!! You-Four-EE-AH!!

What are folks saying about Euphoria, Leftover Salmon's latest release, their first for Hollywood Records?

Whoa!! Shameless promotion ON! If you don't have a copy yet, check your favorite music store. Big or small, they should have it. If they don't have it, order it from the Salmon Merch folks in Nederland, CO. (See ordering directions on Leftover Salmon's official Web Site.) OR, have the store order it. Tell 'em it's being distributed by PolyGram Distribution. Those are the "magic words" that mean it'll be easy for them to get, and it should take less than a week. Help them out by reminding them that's it's hard to sell stuff they don't have IN STOCK! If they give you some Bravo Sierra about the record company not "pushing it," (i.e. paying them to carry it), just let them know this album SO HOT that it isn't necessary. Then, tell all your fellow fans to go bug the same store about it and while they're there, buy 2 or 3 copies -- remember, they make EXCELLENT gifts! We've driven store managers across the country NUTS doing this! Also, if you need copies of the two previous albums, Bridges to Bert and Ask the Fish Live, PGD is also distributing them for Hollywood, so you ought to be able to find them in the stores also. OK, shameless promotion OFF.

Euphoria Reviews... Here's what Hollywood Records has to say about them. "Leftover Salmon call their unique brand of music "Polyethnic-Cajun-Slam-Grass." After one listen to their major label debut release, "Euphoria," you'll understand why. Creating music that can't easily be classified into a simple genre, Leftover Salmon blend progressive bluegrass, down-home country, and Cajun music with imaginative rhythms and melodies. Leftover Salmon has been touring practically non-stop -- performing in front of sell-out crowds from Coast-to-Coast. The band's non-stop touring will continue thoughout '97." PolyGram adds, "Leftover Salmon's new album, "Euphoria," is as dynamic as it is exhilarating. It will appeal to fans of bands ranging from Wilco to The Dave Matthews Band and from Blues Traveler to the Black Crowes."

Here's what DJ J. T. Carter (The Monday Morning Madman) of WRFL (88.1 FM) in Lexington, KY, had to say on April 12, 1997. "Leftover Salmon, _Euphoria_ (country/bluegrass; a return to roots, kind of; elements of young country, but the influences outweigh the contemporary sounds and make this album worth every cent)" You can email J. T. at jtcart0@pop.uky.edu, ae878@yfn.ysu.edu, or jtcarter@tso.cin.ix.net if you want to discuss it with him further.

To read what Billboard had to say in its April 5 issue about its first appearance on their famous "Top Everything" charts, click here.

For reaction to Euphoria by their Internet-connected fans (the ones who REALLY count, right?), click here.

For a VERY thoughtful review of Euphoria by LoSer Timothy Lynch in early April, click here.

Newbie Stories! OK, so much for the unabashed praise from the die-hard fans (at least for now -- there's a LOT more from them later on down the page). One of the most fun things about this band is reading the stories from and about the newbies -- folks experiencing Leftover Salmon live for the very first time. To read a few of our favorite Newbie Stories, click here!

A SPECIAL Newbie Story -- from Daniel Gold, now a reporter for "An Honest Tune." It's about his first Leftover Salmon concert WAAAAY back in March of 1994 -- when the good Colonel Bruce Hampton and the legendary Aquarium Rescue Unit took Leftover Salmon on their first tour of the Northeast, from the Bayou in DC on up. As we all know by now, it was the first of many more to come -- but this one WAS special, not only for all the new folks they got to meet, but also for the chance to meet and jam with some of the Phish folks, as well. Check it out!!

The Leftover Lexicon

To REALLY check out your Salmon Sense, click here. WARNING! This is really stupid... Something only a parent might think of...

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Sounds from the past...

How 'bout a little cool Salmon history? The early days -- in the great state of Maryland. Check this out! The banjo man@13, his ever-tolerant and all-round good-sport younger brother, Mike, on drums, cow bells, and "juice" harp, plus his adoring Mom on bass and his musically challenged Dad on guitar. This is the "music" to go with the picture of the Vann Family Band (VFB) on the official Leftover Salmon Web site. Click on the titles to listen! (If you listen really carefully, you might even manage to hear Brandy, the dog, "singing" a few bars!)

Blackberry Blossum (a 30-Second .wav Sound Bite - 168K)
Orange Blossum Special (a 39-Second .wav Sound Bite - 213K)
Sailor's Hornpipe (a 32-Second .wav Sound Bite - 179K)

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